Here at John Chatham Cars, we know that your vehicle is your pride and joy, and you want it to be out on the road, not stuck in the garage awaiting maintenance and repair. We share your love for classic cars and offer efficient, professional and high-quality maintenance services, so you can quickly get your car back on the road where it's meant to be.

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Our founder John Chatham himself spent many happy years driving Austin Healeys, and over the course of his career he came to know every contour and feature of what remains one of Britain's best-loved cars. His passion for Austin Healeys is a central part of our heritage, and underpins our commitment to providing high-quality services. We're internationally renowned for our knowledge of Austin Healeys and our technical expertise, covering everything from small repairs through to Concours rebuilds, but that's far from the only car we work with. We can also work on the majority of the BMC/ Austin range and the later British Leyland models, while we also have vast experience in Jaguars, including the fabulous E-Type. Our spacious, well-equipped workshops allow us to provide an engine building service, standard repair and modification, while our machining needs are outsourced locally for a quick turnaround with a machine shop which provides the highest quality and precision. We also specialise in the rebuilding of Austin Healey Gearboxes on site, so we've got all the racing bases covered.

Many of our customers and friends come to us to get their cars ready for races, with our specialist engineering and bespoke fabrication skills keeping vehicles in top condition. We offer full competition preparation for both races and rallies, as well as support at the circuits, so that our customers can put all their energy into driving as fast as possible.

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It's not all about racing of course, fun though it undoubtedly is, and we also offer general servicing and maintenance, for everything from simple oil and filter changes to MOTs and large mechanical repairs. While we're based in the UK, we work with clients from all over the world, and always go the extra mile to deliver a bespoke, high-quality service. Classic car owners are a discriminating bunch, so we know its important that the stylish exterior of the Austin Healey is matched by a comfortable, well appointed interior. We provide basic interior trim repair as well as full trim restorations, including bespoke and tailored finishes, all done on site in our in-house trim shop. At John Chatham Cars, we have a wealth of experience in working with Classic Cars, from body repair and preparation, painting and finishing, right through to full restoration. We offer the highest quality of body alignment and paint finish on Austin Healeys and Classic Cars more generally, so that we can keep these great vehicles on the road, wherever our customers may be driving them.



A beautiful vehicle always turns heads while out on the road, and at John Chatham cars we want Austin Healeys, BMCs, Jaguars and all the other classic cars of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s to look and sound just as good as they did on the day that they rolled out of the showroom.

We’ve been involved with classic cars for over four decades, and their look, rhythm and overall aesthetic are a core part of our identity as a company. Our team know classic cars from top to bottom, and will work to restore your car to the condition, appearance and performance you want.

From partial restorations through to in-house engine builds and complete concourse restorations, we’ve got it covered, with our team using their skills and experience to bring back all the glamour, prestige and sheer joy of classic cars.

Everybody has their own individual driving preferences of course, and it’s always important to take those into account in restoring a car. We work closely with our clients to assess their needs and  tailor the restoration service accordingly.


Some of our clients may want us to focus our energies just on the chassis for example, while others may want a more comprehensive restoration. Either way, you can rely on John Chatham cars to provide a sensitive, high-quality service that restores your car to its full glory.

Our clients want their car to look and sound like originally intended, but there is still scope for technical innovation within that. We can provide some modern technology to improve handling and performance, without affecting the look and feel of the car.

This can also protect the value of the car, which is always an important consideration. A high-quality restoration protects and even enhances the value of the car, although we know that’s not something you typically think about while driving a Healey on a sunny day.

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